Kraftwerk @ Esplanade Theatre, 25 April 2013

by ariddesert87

The German godfathers of electronic played a 3D show at the Esplanade Theatre last Thursday. They last performed here in 2008 and I wasn’t expecting them to return, so it was a pleasant surprise when a second show was announced and in 3D no less. A Kraftwerk show is an audio visual experience, best savoured with wide eyes and unblocked ears. It’s basically 4 men in neon spandex suits poking at their consoles for 2 hours. The audience interaction is minimal and the vibe is chilly and restrained. The thrill is in hearing songs like “Autobahn” and “The Man-Machine” in all their surround sound glory set to images of cars on a highway and big block graphics announcing them as “mensch machines”. I’ll let the pictures and videos do the talking.

the man-machine


musique non stop

kraftwerk poster