by ariddesert87

May has been a rather productive month. I’ve been busy with a new project at work, catching up with close friends, and planning for an upcoming trip two days away. I met R and XA over the weekend. We caught the Being Together exhibition and had an early dinner at the newly opened third branch of Food For Thought at the National Museum. In between poking fun at the mod-Singaporean menu, the conversation revolved around the same three topics that are the mainstay of 20-somethings: work, life, love. One of the things we discussed that’s been on my mind was that planning too much ahead means we don’t fully embrace the present. I suppose this was how I lived my life for the past couple of years ever since I came back from my first trip to New York. I was so focused on working towards a singular all-important goal that I pursued it at the expense of a lot of things and forgot to live in the present at times. I know I’m guilty of over-planning and over-thinking stuff and this prevents me from enjoying or appreciating my current situation. I remind myself that plans are fluid and can change, and it’s ok if things don’t end up the way I envisioned them.

For now, Primavera Sound beckons. Bring on Barcelona.