by ariddesert87

August is slowly but surely coming to an end and seeing as my last post was over two weeks ago, a few updates are in order. I’ve started freelancing for a local lifestyle site called Honeycombers and recently completed my first article for them. It’s a feature on music acts performing at the Singapore F1 next month and I’m looking forward to seeing it up on the site. Getting paid to write about music feels great and the thought that people value my writing enough to pay me humbles and surprises me. The Bandwagon writing stint is also going well; check out a more comprehensive Pet Shop Boys review as well as an account of the Hood Bar and Cafe S.O.S show last Saturday. I’ve got a couple of events lined up and I’m excited for them to roll around. On the work front, I’ve been temping as a shipping executive for a logistics firm for two weeks and will be doing so til early November. It’s not the most exciting job – the administrative nature means there’s lots of procedures and paperwork involved, but it pays the bills and the flexible arrangement allows me to take time off to go for interviews. I’ve also restarted my job search and have been sending resumes to a few places in the hopes of landing something by the time I leave the shipping firm. There goes the roundup of my professional life thus far. My personal life on the other hand is another matter altogether…