by ariddesert87

So I did an interview with NYC-based money site The Billfold while I was in New York last November and the article is here:

It basically sums up my fears and frustrations about living in Singapore: ridiculous property prices, high cost of living, and lack of openness. I think about running away and starting a new life elsewhere every other day; it’s so tempting to just drop everything and leave, but I’m slowly and sadly being resigned to a lifetime of living at home. Right now I’m living day to day and I’m hoping that this month will go by quicker so I can finally get settled at work. I have vague ideas of what I want to do in the future, murky semblances of grand plans swirling in my mind, but these things take time and money as they always do.

But hey, it’s the middle of January and things are going alright so far and that’s enough for now.