April’s End

by ariddesert87

Another month is coming to an end and I still can’t get used to how fast the year is passing by. It feels like it was just the start of 2014 yesterday. April has been rather lackluster so far with the exception of the Darkside show at The Ground Theatre earlier this month. I’m not going to write a review since it’s been weeks, but suffice to say it was good though it wasn’t as intense as their Glasslands gig in Brooklyn last November.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling so uninspired and lacking in motivation lately. More and more I find myself yearning for a different environment where I can start afresh. A clean slate. A change of scenery. I’ve been researching the TEFL program in Prague on and off but I personally don’t think I’m cut out to be a teacher. I’m awkward around children and I don’t know if I have the qualities to be a good teacher. Also, it’s infuriatingly hard getting a job overseas especially in this rubbish economy, and let’s face it, it’s tougher for an Asian seeking opportunities abroad as opposed to a Westerner.

I’m now a full-time staff of DesignTaxi – I was confirmed last month – but I use the term “full-time” loosely because my contract is a contract for service, not a contract of service. The substitution of one word makes all the difference in the world. Under my employment terms I’m entitled to annual and medical leave, but not CPF. This is technically against the law as employers are legally required to provide their employees with CPF. According to my contract I’m an independent contractor, i.e. I’m basically a permanent freelancer.

I like my job. The flexibility is great; I work from home 3 days a week, get to avoid the dreaded rush-hour commute each way, and save on food and transport. My colleagues are nice people and I get on well with them. I have a relatively high degree of autonomy in deciding what to write.

But the lack of job security, scant benefits and unstable income means I’m not entirely comfortable nor satisfied with the terms of my contract. I also know there will come a point in time when I need to make more money, and I’ll have to take a higher-paying job with better opportunities and benefits. I’m staying afloat for now, learning as much as possible, and trying to plan my career while staying open to other prospects.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m looking forward to my long-awaited trip to Penang in end June. I’ll be away for 6 days – no calls, emails, texts or work to attend to, just pure relaxation like in the photo below.