by ariddesert87

Rewind and press play
In the projector of my mind
There are two sides to every story
Y.O.U.R.S and M.I.N.E
The passing of time brings clarity
Memories come into sharp focus
The brief history of us
Held up to the magnifying glass of scrutiny

Moments flash in a whirl of sights and sounds
What was once the sweet nectar of bliss
Now leaves a bitter aftertaste
Like fruit left to rot
A putrid mess of flesh and foul odour

Unrealness permeates every interaction
Words and actions analysed and dissected
For the millionth time
Seeking clues in the showreel of self-torture
Like a false math equation with no answer
A futile Sisyphean task

White flag at the sorry end
Of weariness and giving up without a fight
Deflated like a burst balloon
A well of emotions rising in the corners of my eyes
Tightened chest, heart a dead weight
Holding out for a second chance
A flickering candle of hope
Faint and weak
Ultimately fated to be extinguished

Resignation takes over
With grief and sorrow on its heels
Though wounds may heal
And months of past recede into history
Giving up the ghost of you
Is the hardest thing to do