A Year On

by ariddesert87

1 March passed a few days ago and its arrival brought a flood of memories from the past. I wonder if you remembered it was on this day last year that we met. You probably don’t but that’s okay. I wrote something to mark the occasion, because you were special and meant something to me, and you still do.

It’s been a year
12 months
365 days
Thousands and millions of hours, minutes, and seconds
Coming full circle
For the next cycle
It’s been a year
Charting emotions through seasons
A game of push and pull
Played with kid gloves
Yes, no, maybe, let’s wait and see
Try or try not, do or do not
Fall, fail, retreat to defeat
Lick your wounds and repair your broken parts
It’s been a year
Shift to see a new view
Look to find someone new
But it’s a jungle out there
Wild, savage, and full of thorny undergrowth
And how could anyone love me
When I don’t even love myself
It’s been a year
Older but not much wiser
Another scar joining the ones before
The song remains the same but different
You’re back where you started
Alone and on the floor