Carry On

by ariddesert87

The past three months have simultaneously been a whirlwind of days rushing past and a slow-burning series of weeks unwinding at a placid pace. Life after DT is both normal and surreal. The day stretches out before me, a yawning expanse of time I have to figure out how to fill. Instead of churning out articles, I now browse job ads all day in between catching up on news, watching YouTube videos or clicking on whatever catches my eye. The job hunt is slow, agonising and frustrating. Ads blend into one another and become a sea of words my eyes glaze over. With every email that goes unanswered, my heart sinks further and shrivels up a bit more. This is the worst thing about job hunting. It’s been weighing heavily on my mind and I think about it until I feel like I’m going crazy. I know I need to stay optimistic, like one of those cheesy positivity quotes urging you to push on. I know my situation won’t last forever but it feels that way some days. As I enter the fourth month of my search, I’m trying to let go of my worry because it’s pointless and I should just enjoy this free time while I can. I’ve been catching up on reading and films, and started going on walks around my neighbourhood at night. The other day I said to Y, “I need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” I am so grateful to have Y to confide in during this period of uncertainty. It really helps to have someone I can talk to. So I’m going to carry on and see what the next few months have in store for me. Hopefully, the winds of change have good news.