La Femme @ *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, 7 March 2017

by ariddesert87

10 minutes into their debut gig at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, keyboardist and co-founder of La Femme Marlon Magnée uttered this sly teaser:

“Hello Singapore, tonight La Femme will give you some pleasure!”

With that cheeky proclamation, we were in for a sexy, rollicking time at the French krautrock band’s show on 7 March 2017. They were playing as part of the Francophonie festival and their 100-minute set was pure unadulterated fun from the get-go. Drawing on influences as varied as psychedelia, pop and punk, they oscillated between the jangly surf rock of ‘Où va le monde’ and ‘Anti Taxi’, to the noir mystery of ‘Packshot’ and the moody synthpop of ‘Nous Etions Deux’, to the dancey new wave of ‘Sphnx’.

It’s crazy to think I nearly didn’t go as I wasn’t taken with them initially and even after a few more listens I still wasn’t fully convinced to part with my money. Vinyl Of The Day had a giveaway and I entered on a whim, and so did E and he won a pair of tickets. Thankfully the gig proved me wrong and I’m glad I went after all. The band had the crowd bopping with every song and they’re friendly to boot, even inviting a fan onstage to dance. 3 days later and I’m humming their songs, if they swing by here again I’ll go again for sure.