Yelle Club Party @ Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore, 13 May 2017

by ariddesert87

If Cigarettes After Sex was the appetizer and Mew the main course, the Yelle Club Party last Saturday was the perfect sweet ending to a crazy week of gigs. The lively French electronic pop group were in town to play two shows at the Gallery Theatre @ National Museum of Singapore and I went for the second one. I confess I never really listened to their music all that much but I have a new-found love for them after the concert. Their videos are always super fun and entertaining to watch, and seeing them live, it struck me how physical their shows are. Julie Budet was a ball of irrepressible energy on stage, prancing about and deftly maneuvering her body here and there, and dispersing heart flourishes into the crowd. Jean-François Perrier and the drummer (didn’t get his name unfortunately) kept the beat going and matched her antics with choreographed moves and gestures, but it never felt overly rehearsed.

For a band with three albums, their set was a tad too short at an hour and 15 minutes and the audience was definitely left wanting more. Outside, a bunch of us gathered with posters in hand that the concert promoter Figure8 Agency gave out. The band eventually emerged and spent around an hour signing and chatting and taking pictures with everyone. A, E, S and I had attended the Yelle in Context talk at Gallery 10 earlier, where Julie and Jean-François discussed how they use technology, language and culture in their music. Afterwards, I asked Julie which artistes they would love to collaborate with and she said Depeche Mode and Katy Perry. I couldn’t help but notice her awesome shrimp sweater and if I recall correctly, she said it’s by her friend Jean-Paul Lespagnard.

Halfway through May and I’m looking forward to the upcoming gigs next week where I’ll be seeing (coincidentally) a couple of French acts: Worackls and Air. They’re both electronic musicians but have different sounds. Their gigs are back-to-back and I reckon it’s going to be another awesome time.